10 Creepy AI Movies: Airplane II 7

February 18, 2014 AT 12:36 PM
Creepy AI: Rock, ship's computer of the Mayflower 1 The Mayflower 1 is just a tad off course (about half a million miles in space terms) and heading for the Sun. The AI autopilot, Rock, has malfunctioned and the desperate crew can't disable him to regain control of the vessel. In a mixed blessing, suicidal madman Joe Salucci (Sonny Bono) has brought a bomb aboard to blow up the ship, so when Ted (Robert Hays) wrestles it from him, he suggests blowing up the AI system to disable it. "Blow rock?" purrs sexy stewardess Elaine (Julie Hagerty) as a huge smiley face appears on Rock's interface screen.