163K Jobs Added, But Unemployment Still Goes Up
August 03, 2012 AT 4:15 PM
163 THOUSAND JOBS WERE ADDED TO THE U.S. ECONOMY IN JULY...100,000 MORE THAN THE MONTH BEFORE...AND UNEMPLOYMENT STILL WENT UP... TO 8.3 PERCENTTHIS IS THE WEAKEST RECOVERY WE'VE EVER SEEN...EVEN WEAKER THAN THE GREAT DEPRESSION....ACCORDING TO THIS GUY.REMEMBER THESE PICTURES OF THE GREAT DEPRESSION? AND THEY ARE BEING RIVALED BY THIS?[clip]THE REPORT WAS QUICK TO POINT OUT THAT THESE 163 THOUSAND JOBS WERE STRICTLY IN THE NON FARMING CATEGORY.THE CATEGORIES THEY DID FALL UNDER?-professional and business services - (IMAGE)BUSINESS!-manufacturing- (IMAGE) ROBOTS-food services and drinking places BECAUSE NO MATTER WHAT YOU CAN ALWAYS GO BACK TO FULFILLING YOUR CHILDHOOD DREAM OF BECOMING EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH AT T.G.I. FRIDAYS.BOTTOM LINE IS WE'RE PRODUCING MORE GOODS WITH FEW JOBS...WHICH MEANS ONE OF TWO THINGS - ... EVERYTHING IS ABOUT TO TURN INTO THE MATRIX OR WE'RE OUTSOURCING... EVERYTHINGjobs, economy, unemployment, jobs added, added, recovery, great depression, us economy, u.s. economy, business, business news, economy news, u.s. unemployment, unemployment rate, news, video news, news online, one minute news, omn, jennifer martin, business163K Jobs Added to U.S., But Unemployment Still Goes UpAccording to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a grand total of 163,000 jobs were added to the U.S. economy in July. Unfortunately, the jobless rate also grew to 8.3%.Source: OMN on Facebook: OMN on Twitter: Subscribe to OMN!jobs economy unemployment "jobs added" added recovery "great depression" economy "us economy" "u.s. economy" business "u.s. business" labor statistics "unemployment rate" news "news today" "business news" "one minute news" "Jennifer Martin"