2012 London Olympic Sponsors: The Real List
July 06, 2012 AT 12:00 PM
Title: 2012 London Olympic Sponsors: The Real List olympians have always inspired me... and what's cool is during the olympic trials, we get to see their personal lives through commercials... and THIS inspires me even more. this way i can see how to emulate them in my life, like eating and drinking the same things they do... ... like McDonalds... brain food, muscle food... or a HUGE coke after a tumble routine.... and I saw one last night that makes TOTAL sense... British Petroleum, duh! olympics, gas, a company that's rife with social and environmental responsibility... it's a perfect fit... but then there are certain brands that just don't make any sense, like nike or 24 hour fitness... AT LEAST gatorade didn't make the list... but this got us thinking, what other organizations out there could not only represent our US national team, but need the pr boost, cuz naturally america (fuck yeah) makes everyone and everything better.... here's a diverse list of brands that need to be on this list: 1) the syrian gov't for their unwavering dedication to conditioning their citizens 2) the euro, because nothing else is a beacon of community and stability... england pay attention. 3) marlboro, you ever had a smoke and a coke after the 200 yard dash? it belongs in sport, glamorous, delicious... 4) colt. guns... need i say more... 4) finally, al qaeda, hellooo? they wanna be in london and c'mon, non-profits need love too.......... you know?