2015 Ford Mustang Makes Game Debut In Need For Speed Rivals

wochit technology
December 13, 2013 AT 7:06 AM
Can't wait to drive the new 2015 Ford Mustang? You probably aren't the only one. But if you want to get a taster earlier than most, then get your hands on a next-generation games console and a copy of Need For Speed Rivals, as the popular road racing title will feature the Mustang among its car roster. The news was revealed on the Ford Mustang Facebook page but a CNN Money video uploaded to Youtube also shows the car in action, as the tech site's reporter takes the controls of the all-new pony car in Need For Speed's virtual world--and crashes it repeatedly, something gamers are likely to do themselves once they're out on the virtual streets. Importantly though, it looks like a lot of fun--something that's sure to be true of the production Ford Mustang too.