The 4th of July. Eating, Drinking... Meaning?
July 30, 2012 AT 11:02 AM
Title: The 4th of July. Eating, Drinking... Meaning?the 4th. for most it means friends family hot dogs beer and watching shit explode. for me, the 4th of july, it's kind of like Disney, it's the most unbelievable magical thing, and at the same time completely depressing. look, any search for freedom, even the arab spring, begins with jefferson's words "all men are created equal." that's the magical part...then there's starbucks, selling their indivisible coffee blend, and guess what? i drank it. but you know, Franklin, Adams, Jefferson, that scribbly declaration thing, it didn't just inspire americans, it inspired the world to be a little bit better. we even have a big ass iron woman in new york harbor to prove it. sad to say today's politicians don't really inspire me at all... maybe it's cuz they don't write with feathers. it really is the best of times, the worst of times... lately we're not really measuring up to our legacy but maybe today isn't the day to talk about that... so, you know what, let's just leave it with friends family hot dogs beer and what was it? oh yeah, watching shit explode.