5 Things To Know in the Colorado Legislature

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Your weekly look at what's coming up at the Colorado Legislature:


Gun control remains atop the political agenda, with the possibility of long-expected gun control proposals from Democrats. Republicans, meanwhile, will argue for gun-rights expansions, including protections for business owners who shoot intruders and restoring gun-ownership rights to nonviolent felons. Those gun hearings precede the week's biggest gun event Friday, when the head of the National Rifle Association visits Gov. John Hickenlooper.


The Democratic-led Senate will debate whether same-sex couples civil unions on Friday. The whole Senate will take an initial vote on the bill, which is expected to pass the chamber easily before heading to the House for debate.


Excited to see new driverless cars in Colorado, state lawmakers are poised to change state transportation law to allow the new technology's use on Colorado roads. The changes get a first hearing Tuesday in the Senate Transportation Committee.


The clock is ticking for the state's Amendment 64 Task Force, which meets Tuesday. The group is charged with suggesting marijuana regulations Colorado is required to set up under the pot legalization measure voters approved last year. The task force has less than a month to forward their marijuana proposals to lawmakers.


House proposals involving schools will get their first committee votes on Monday, including a bill addressing how schools deal with students who are chronically absent, and a measure to encourage classroom discussions on creationism and evolution. Lawmakers also will take the first committee vote Thursday on a House bill to expand sex educations in public schools and help school districts get federal grants to implement the curriculum.

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