50th Anniversary Porsche 911, Zonda Revolution, Chevy SS Price, Koenigsegg v. Bugatti, 1000hp VW MK1, & More!

Fast Lane Daily
June 06, 2013 AT 12:00 PM
Pagani announces their last Zonda (for real this time), and it's a special edition called the Revolution. Porsche celebrates its 50th birthday with a special edition 911, Chevy finally says how much the new 2014 SS is going to cost, and GTBoard sets a Bugatti Veyron and Koenigsegg Hundra against each other in a really long video. Plus, an insane VW Golf MK1 with 1000hp horsepower, and 2010 Prius recalls! That and the usual FLD shenanigans, today on Fast Lane Daily, hosted by Derek D! Insane 1000hp VW MK1 16Vampir: Porsche 911 50th Anniversary video: Veyron vs. Koenigsegg video: FLD Twitter: FLD Facebook: Derek D Twitter: FLD on Instagram: Have a tip? Email us: FLD T-shirts: Link to watch Fast Lane Daily on iTunes: