6 Walmart workers strike with help of UFCW

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A small group of Walmart employees — just six, according to a Nation report — have walked out at a Laurel, Maryland store. The workers are claiming retaliation following last week’s National Labor Relations Board ruling regarding the United Food and Commercial Workers protests against the retail giant.

The Nation report says the group was joined by a representative of OUR Walmart, a UFCW-backed activist group. The NLRB ruling said UFCW must “not to engage in any picketing or confrontational conduct which is the functional equivalent of picketing for 60 days.” But the UFCW claimed the ruling “does not affect or limit OUR Walmart members’ and supporter’s ability to otherwise protest, demonstrate against or strike.” Today they seemed to have followed through on that.

The NLRB ruling also noted that the UFCW claimed it had “disavowed any recognitional or organizational object” regarding Wal-Mart. That it they denied they were trying to organize the employees. But OUR Walmart activist Colby Harris told the Nation: “What we’re hoping to accomplish is that Walmart would come out and recognize us as an organization.”

I am guessing that Wal-Mart will be filing another complaint with the NLRB.

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