A Lewinsky reference? Laura Bush says 'first gentleman' should have ties critiqued

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Paul Bedard,Washington Secrets,Hillary Clinton,Bill Clinton

Former first lady Laura Bush tells C-SPAN's “First Ladies” program than when a woman finally gets elected president, the “first gentleman” should be critiqued just like women are, including their choice of ties.

In one part of a longer interview, she said that the media and public pays too much attention to first ladies and their hair and clothes.

Talking about the possibility of a woman president, she said, “Maybe we should be that way about the first gentleman also and really critique the way they look all the time, their choice of tie, or their hair style or whatever, or maybe their weight.”

That might be awkward if Hillary Clinton gets elected and former President Clinton is the first spouse. During the investigation of his affair with former White House intern Monica Lewinsky, it was reported that she gave the president ties to wear and signal to that he was thinking of her. He wore those ties at public events and speeches.

According to the investigative report on the affair, "On November 20 — five days after the intimate relationship began, according to Ms. Lewinsky — she gave him a necktie, which he chose to keep rather than send to the archives. According to Ms. Lewinsky, the president telephoned the night she gave him the tie, then sent her a photo of himself wearing it."

Bush’s advice to a future first husband: “Stand back and be quiet.”

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