A sulfuric denunciation of John Kerry's Middle East diplomacy

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If you want to read a stinging critique of Secretary of State John Kerry’s Middle East diplomacy, take a look at Adam Garfinkle's take in The American Interest blog. "Malice or incompetence?" is the headline, and it gets tougher as it goes. Excerpt:

"Then it got worse. By ministering to Qatar, where the head of the Hamas political wing lives at the invitation of the Al-Thani, Kerry strengthened that troublemaking little pissant of a country. If you thought U.S. relations with Saudi Arabia—which in this dustup is a tacit ally of Egypt and Israel—could not get worse than they already are, you goofed: They just did. (But if you want to hear anti-Qatari venom that can singe the hair on your chin, better to go to Abu Dhabi or Dubai.) Then worse still: Kerry ministered to arguably the world’s foremost anti-Semite, [Turkish Prime Minister] Recep Tayyip Erdogan."


"Now John Kerry, with Barack Obama's fulsome help, has reduced the U.S. position to that of a message carrier for Hamas via Doha and Ankara. We have fallen from being the undisputed master of ceremonies to creeping around the region as a second-echelon go-between—and a failed one at that."

Garfinkle also takes some whacks at the Bush administration, in which he served. But the primary target of his Swiftian denunciation is the current secretary of state.

Warning: the sulfuric fumes emanating from this blogpost may cause choking or difficulty in breathing.

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