A Twitter parody account just punked the Associated Press and New York Daily News

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Two white flags mysteriously appeared atop the Brooklyn Bridge on Tuesday morning, and the Associated Press reported that “an entity” known as Bike Lobby on Twitter claimed responsibility.

The problem is -- Bike Lobby (@BicycleLobby) is a parody account. They say so right in their Twitter profile:

The account also tweeted out photos of the AP and Daily News articles before they were updated to reflect that it was a parody account.

There really were two white flags atop the Brooklyn Bridge, it's just unclear who hoisted them.


Obviously, the parody account loved the attention and had fun with the whole situation.

As someone who has fallen for a hoax before, I feel for the AP and Daily News, but come on guys, this one required no research other than a quick click on the Twitter name to find out it was a parody account.
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