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A victorious Monica Wehby comes out swinging against vicious attacks

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Monica Wehby, a pediatric neurosurgeon running for the Senate in Oregon, won her primary Tuesday night amid personal attacks against her past relationships.

Wehby, in her victory speech, condemned those who drudged up her personal life and said she was not afraid to stand up to bullies in the general election.

“My message to the Democrats who are willing to shred my family for their own political gain is that people are tired of your dirty tricks,” Wehby said. “The best way to defeat a bully is to stand up to them, and that is exactly what we are going to do.”

Democrats, via Politico, had accused Wehby of “stalking” her ex-boyfriend Andrew Miller, a wealthy businessman. Conveniently, Politico buries the part about Miller saying that he overreacted when he filed a police report against Wehby and regrets doing so.

“There was a week there or so when we were breaking up that people can be emotional. And me included,” Miller told Poltico. “If I think back to that period of time, I regret saying those things in that light.”

In 2013, when the report was filed, Miller considered getting a protective order against Wehby, but he never did. Wehby claims she never even knew about the report until Politico wrote about it.

And the report never would have surfaced had an employee of the Democratic Party of Oregon not requested it.

Basically, a relationship went sour, two adults overreacted but are now friends. And that was the basis of Democrats’ attacks against Wehby.

Wehby and Miller's relationship was further scrutinized when it was revealed that Miller had donated to a super PAC against Wehby's primary opponent, state Rep. Jason Conger. Miller also donated more than $100,000 to fund billboards and ads against Conger.

Miller told Politico, however, that he would not donate to the GOP Senate campaign if Wehby were the nominee and that his efforts against Conger had nothing to do with his relationship with Wehby. That didn't stop Democrats from filing a complaint with the Federal Election Commission.

And it wasn't just Democrats attacking Wehby. Matt Lewis of the Daily Caller and Erick Erickson of RedState both wrote similar articles about Wehby's past. Lewis' original article about Wehby in The Week was even touted by the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

The other attacks against Wehby involve a medical abuse case where a woman is charged with child abuse for putting her children through unnecessary surgeries -- some of which were performed by Wehby. But if you read the article about this case, it's clear that the woman made false statements to doctors in order to get these medical procedures.

"Patrick O'Hollaren, a urologist who works with Wehby, said pediatric specialists are particularly vulnerable to parents who want to dupe doctors. That's because doctors can't rely on young children to describe their symptoms," wrote OregonLive writer Nick Budnick.

Budnick further wrote that Wehby's medical practice was "controversial" because she was willing to perform a difficult procedure -- tethered cord surgery -- even when other doctors wouldn't. Wehby, according to Budnick, said she could usually tell when a patient needed the surgery even if an MRI didn't show it was necessary.

Oh, and Democrats -- and a few Republicans -- also attacked Wehby because a "sex hypnotherapist" donated to her campaign. Because apparently people who have weird theories about sex aren't allowed to donate.

Grab your popcorn for the general election, where Wehby faces incumbent Democrat Jeff Merkley.

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