Absentee ballots missing crucial page in Montgomery and Prince George's

Local,Maryland,Rachel Baye

Some absentee ballots sent out to voters in Montgomery and Prince George's counties are missing the page that includes several contentious statewide ballot questions.

The missing page, reported by NBC Washington, includes the ballot questions on the Maryland Dream Act, same-sex marriage, the state's new congressional districts and the expansion of gambling. It also includes all of the local ballot questions. In Montgomery County, for example, it's missing the question that would decide whether the county police union gets to keep its right to "effects bargaining," or the right to bargain almost any management decision.

The Board of Elections has received only 15 reports of missing pages in the two counties, according to Board of Elections Deputy Administrator Ross Goldstein. He said they were not sure why the error happened, and that everyone who reported a missing page had been sent it.

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