Actress's Cute Run-In With Jimmy Kimmel

Daily Shot
April 10, 2014 AT 3:08 PM
On "American Horror Story," Jamie Brewer plays Nan, the clever and mysterious young witch. The actress, who's been performing since she was a young teen, sees her work as more than just a career. "I've been in theater since eighth grade," Jamie says. "I really knew that I would rather change lives through the arts than medically." Jamie enjoys her character's "quirky side" and loves doing her own stunts. Her favorite "American Horror Story" scene to shoot came in the episode "Burn, Witch. Burn!" The best moment? "Being chased by zombies," Jamie says. Over the course of her time in the spotlight, Jamie has had the chance to meet all sorts of Hollywood celebrities, but she shared one particularly special moment with talk show host Jimmy Kimmel. Jamie ran into the talk show host at an award ceremony while she was trying to find a place to sit. "Glee" star Jane Lynch invited Jamie to sit at their table, but Jimmy interjected, patting his legs and saying, "No, right on the lap!" To find out what Jamie thinks of her "American Horror Story" wardrobe, check out this episode of "Daily Shot."