Ad: 'Terry McAuliffe will say anything to get elected'

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Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe is coming under new fire for failing to make good on promises to provide jobs in Virginia and his penchant for making flamboyant and sometimes hypocritical claims.

Fight for Tomorrow's new ad, “Terry McAuliffe will say anything to get elected,” features the candidate's unmet claim to provide 2,000 jobs building cars.

It is followed by several other awkward claims, such as his demand in a past political speech that voters not choose a rookie for public office. McAuliffe has never been elected.

Another example is from an interview in which he decried “way too much money in politics,” then shows him admitting to raising $300 million to $400 million for Democrats, so much that “I stopped keeping track.”

A one-minute version of the ad is being prepared for TV. The full two-minute web ad will be released Thursday.

Fight For Tomorrow executive director Matt Mackowiak said, "Since the elite media completely refuses to hold huckster Terry McAuliffe accountable, Fight For Tomorrow will. This ad is powerful because we say nothing; we let Terry's lifetime of false statements and broken promises tell the story.”

The video ends with a newspaper quote from former President Clinton, a McAuliffe mentor, saying he wouldn’t buy a used car from McAuliffe.

“Compulsive mendacity in political fundraising is one thing, but can we afford it in an office as important as Governor of Virginia?" said Mackowiak.

Script for “Dishonest Terry” (Web: 2:00)

TEXT ON SCREEN: “Terry McAuliffe will say anything to get elected.”

MCCAULIFFE #1: “People are tired of speeches from politicians talking about jobs…”

TEXT ON SCREEN: “Terry McAuliffe. Job creator?”

MCCAULIFFE #2: “I have created thousands of jobs.”

MCCAULIFFE #3: “ should result in about two thousand new American jobs…”

TEXT ON SCREEN: Washington Post (9/10/13) news report: “Instead of hundreds of workers, GreenTech employs about 90 in Mississippi and 10 in Virginia.”

NEWS REPORT: “And now here we are in 2013, and the only thing on this site is some overgrown grass and some gravel.”

UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN #2: “I’d like to know where his plant is. Where the thousand jobs are.”

NEWS ANCHOR TO MCAULIFFE: “You opened that company in Mississippi instead of in Virginia.”

MCAULIFFE #4: “…We tried to put it in Virginia…”

TEXT ON SCREEN: “Terry McAuliffe.”

NEWS REPORT: “Now the reporters at Politifact Virginia have officially rated McAuliffe’s claim, Virginia passing on his project, as ‘false.’

TEXT ON SCREEN: “Fighting for Virginia?”

TEXT ON SCREEN: Richmond Times-Dispatch (1/24/13), Politifact Virginia: “…decided they didn’t want to build. Politifact Virginia: False.”

TEXT ON SCREEN: “Terry criticizes developing in China.”

MCAULIFFE CLIP #5: “…in the Bush plan, after six months, the President promised us, a manufacturing czar. When the called the individual to tell him he had the job, do you know where he was? He was in China. Opening up his new plant.”

TEXT ON SCREEN: “Then Terry develops in China.”

MCAULIFFE CLIP #6: “Here we are, from Ordos, China. Here’s the facility that we are building over here.”

TEXT ON SCREEN: “Terry wants to cap fundraising.”

UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN #2: “Now he can say in one sentence, that I’m against this…”

MCAULIFFE CLIP #7: “There’s just way too much money in politics…”

MCAULIFFE CLIP #8: “Let’s get rid of it. I’m all for it. I’d support it.”

UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN #2 (CONT’D): “…and then talk about how his competitive juices are flowing and how excited he is to raise more money.”

REPORTER TO MCAULIFFE: “How much have you raised for the Democratic Party?”

MCAULIFFE CLIP #9: “Uh, I don’t know. People say $300 to $400 million. I stopped keeping track a long time ago.

TEXT ON SCREEN: “Terry supports VA coal industry?”

NEWS REPORT: “Terry McAuliffe, he says his primary focus, will be on preserving Virginia’s coal industry.”

MCAULIFFE CLIP # 10: “I want Virginia to have the cleanest coal in the country.”

TEXT ON SCREEN: Richmond Times-Dispatch (6/14/13), Politifact Virginia: “We rate his new position on coal a Full Flop.”

MCAULIFFE CLIP #11: “As Governor, I never want another coal plant built.”

TEXT ON SCREEN: “Terry, a man of civility?”

MCAULIFFE CLIP #12: “…and I’m never going to get down in the gutter with people who use personal attacks.”

MCAULIFFE CLIP #13: “I have a motto… it’s in my office. You punch me, I will punch you back harder.”

TEXT ON SCREEN: “Having never held public office.”

NEWS REPORT: “Terry McAuliffe has never held public office…”

TEXT ON SCREEN: “Terry says it best…”

MCAULIFFE CLIP #14: “This is not a time to take a chance on someone who’s never spent a day in government service.”

MATTHEWS: “…does slimeball Terry McAuliffe have any shame?”

UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN #2: “No shame whatsoever. None. Not an ounce of it.”

TEXT ON SCREEN: The New York Times (7/9/12): Former President Bill Clinton: “I would buy a new car from Terry, but a used car? I am not so sure about a user car.”

TEXT ON SCREEN: “Virginia, we deserve better.”

ANNCR: “Fight For Tomorrow paid for the content of this advertising.”

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