Adidas Rockstars - Climbers look forward to new Rockstars boulder wall in Stuttgart

World of Freesports
August 11, 2012 AT 10:20 AM
The quality of the routes is vital for a good competition. After all, adidas ROCKSTARS wants to demonstrate the skills of the international boulder elite. At the same time the route setters try to live up to the interests of spectators and the media. That asks for instinct feel. Boulders have to be set in a fair way with equal opportunities for all athletes. At the same time they should severely test the skills of the competitor: flexibility, strength, endurance, creativity, orientation. In an ideal case only one athlete masters the most difficult problem. But if the boulders are too tough, it could backfire. This is when many years of competition and route setting experience come into play - it also helps to deal with the pressure.