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The AFL-CIO announced today that it had expanded and updated it website, which allows you to “Learn more about the pervasive inequality in the United States and spread the word.”

“American chief executives continued to do very well for themselves last year, while workers struggle to make ends meet,” said AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka. “We are calling out the hypocrisy of rich CEOs who have the gall to ask for corporate tax cuts to be paid for by squeezing the retirement security of working America. The American public deserves to know the truth about their self-serving agenda.”

Trumka added: “Not only is U.S. CEO pay out-of whack with historical norms, it is off the chart globally. For example, in Switzerland, where voters recently imposed new limits on executive pay, the CEO-to-worker pay gap is 148 times.  In the United Kingdom, the CEO-to-worker pay gap is one-quarter as large as ours. And in Japan, the gap is even smaller.”

For the record, Trumka’s total pre-tax salary, according to a September, 2012, Labor Department filing, is $301,932.

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