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Alcoa worker in Texas arrested in $1M fraud case

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VICTORIA, Texas (AP) — An Alcoa machine shop worker in Texas has been arrested in what prosecutors call a $1 million scam to order, steal and then resell equipment.

Prosecutors say 55-year-old Jack Kennedy of Houston faces a detention hearing Friday in Corpus Christi. He's charged with mail and wire fraud in an indictment unsealed Tuesday in Victoria.

Kennedy worked for Alcoa World Alumina LLC in Point Comfort and dealt with inventory and ordering supplies. Alcoa cooperated in the investigation.

Prosecutors say Kennedy since 2008 allegedly ordered, stole and sold items at a discount to a supply and salvage company in Tonawanda (tahn-uh-WAHN'-duh), N.Y. Payment checks were mailed to Kennedy's home. Prosecutors on Wednesday said there's no immediate evidence of criminal wrongdoing by the New York company.

Kennedy will be assigned a public defender.

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