Americans to Sarah Palin: Please stop talking

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Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is the politician Americans most want to stop talking, according to a Wall Street Journal/NBC News survey that polled voters on their opinion of six public figures.

The survey, which was conducted June 30-July 7, excluding July 4, found that a majority of voters — 52 percent — believe Palin should just “be quiet.”

The mother of five children,* Palin actually scored lower marks than Jesse Jackson, whom 45 percent of respondents say should keep quiet, as well as former Vice President Dick Cheney, who polled at around 42 percent, and Newt Gingrich, who came in at 39 percent.

“Mr. Jackson’s numbers are a bit of a mystery, given that he has not been in the national media much of late,” the Wall Street Journal reported. “More than half of people surveyed who are 50 years or older – who perhaps remember the civil rights activist when he was more prominent and a potential Democratic presidential nominee – said Mr. Jackson should be quiet. Only 35 percent of people aged 18-34 said the same.”

Meanwhile, former President Bill Clinton and former Vice President Al Gore scored much more favorably than the aforementioned public figures, polling at 31 percent and 37 percent, respectively.

“Twelve percent of those surveyed said each of the pols surveyed should continue talking — they said none of them should be quiet,” the Journal reported.

The release of the survey comes less than 24 hours after Palin called on members of Congress to impeach President Obama, arguing that America, a “battered housewife,” can no longer withstand the 44th president's unchecked lawlessness.

“It’s time to impeach; and on behalf of American workers and legal immigrants of all backgrounds, we should vehemently oppose any politician on the left or right who would hesitate in voting for articles of impeachment,” Palin wrote in an op-ed published Tuesday.

“The many impeachable offenses of Barack Obama can no longer be ignored. If after all this he’s not impeachable, then no one is,” she added.

The Wall Street Journal survey polled 1,392 respondents and has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.1 percentage points.

*Four, if your name is Andrew Sullivan.

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