And The Award For Most Awkward Oscars Moment Goes To . . .

wochit entertainment
March 03, 2014 AT 12:05 PM
One of the most awkward moments of Sunday night's Oscars was when John Ridley won the award for best adapted screenplay for 12 Years a Slave and received neither a nod, hug, nor handshake from director Steve McQueen. In fact, John didn't hug anyone involved in the film, instead giving a hug to American Hustle director David O. Russell and a nod to Meryl Streep , who was located on the opposite side of the aisle from the 12 Years a Slave cast and crew. According to former Deadline Hollywood editor in chief Nikki Finke, Steve's cold shoulder and awkward fingertip clapping sprang from the pair's feud over screenwriting credit .