And here's the most useless thing that has been said so far about the border crisis

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Texas Gov. Rick Perry announced this week that he will soon deploy approximately 1,000 National Guard troops to help secure the U.S.-Mexico border, explaining that the move is necessary given the White House's apparent disinterest in resolving the crisis.

“There can be no national security without border security, and Texans have paid too high a price for the federal government's failure to secure our border,” the Texas governor said at a briefing in Austin, Texas.

And in response to Perry’s action on the border, we have this gem of a comment from Politico’s chief political columnist, Roger Simon:

Oh, come on now.

That’s probably the silliest thing said so far about the growing crisis on the border. We’re going to need a stronger word than “hyperbole” to describe whatever that nonsense is.

Well, actually, considering that Simon is from the Chicago school of journalism, meaning he has been trained in the infamous Chicago way of doing things, perhaps we shouldn't be surprised when he reacts to specific situations with absurdly, idiotic remarks.

Remember this during the 2013 government shutdown?

And then there are these excellent bits (Tea Party and Koch Derangement Syndrome):

Yes, when he’s not busy live-tweeting David Letterman, Jon Stewart or statements from President Obama, Simon is busy producing the hottest of hot takes in Washington. And by “hot takes,” we mean “writing marvelously stupid things.”

“As if” indeed, girlfriend.

Politico pays him for this! What a racket.

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