AP ANALYSIS: Assessing The Gaza War Outcome So Far

wochit politics
August 06, 2014 AT 10:40 AM
As indirect negotiations proceed in Egypt between Israel and Hamas following the war in Gaza, here is an assessment of the outcome so far of the month-long conflict: Israel says it destroyed all of Hamas' 31 attack tunnels burrowed into Israel. Several dozen Israeli soldiers and three of its civilians were killed. If the Palestinian Authority returns to Gaza, Israeli leaders will be pleased. On Hamas' side, the militants were massively outmatched and fired substantial rockets at Israel's main cities for a month, something not seen since Iraq's Saddam Hussein unleashed Scuds during the first Gulf War. President Mahmoud Abbas also appears to be on the verge of regaining some measure of control in Gaza, rolling back his undignified exit of 2007 when Hamas seized control of Gaza.