AP laments Obama, Congress’ inaction on climate change

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The Associated Press has a story this morning that names climate change as one of the biggest issues facing President Obama and the United States.

The piece — categorized as news, not opinion — takes Congress to task for making it so difficult for the president to fulfill his promises to fight global warming. The writer also concludes that even without Congress in the way, Obama probably won’t do enough to keep climate change from destroying the planet.

Slowing the buildup of greenhouse gases responsible for warming the planet is one of the biggest challenges the United States and President Barack Obama face. The effects of rising global temperatures are widespread and costly: more severe storms, rising seas, species extinctions, and changes in weather patterns that will alter food production and the spread of disease.

Politically, the stakes are huge.

Any policy to reduce heat-trapping pollution will inevitably target the main sources of Americans’ energy: the coal burned by power plants for electricity and the oil that is refined to run automobiles.

Those industries have powerful protectors in both parties in Congress who will fight any additional regulations handed down by the administration that could contribute to Americans paying more for electricity and gas at the pump. There’s also the lingering question of how much the U.S. can do to solve the problem alone, without other countries taking aggressive steps to curb their own pollution.

…Bottom line: Obama is likely to take more steps to reduce the pollution blamed for climate change. But those actions probably will not be of the scale needed to help much in slowing the heating of the planet.

You can read the whole story here.

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