APD lapel camera catches scene after mother stabs son New Mexico
January 09, 2012 AT 9:15 PM
eo tonight from the lapel camera of an albuquerque police officer who responded to a dramatic scene. the video begins shortly after a woman allegedly stabbed her own son in the neck with a screwdriver. we should warn you---this video is not suitable for small children. chris ramirez has the video and the story you'll see only on four. this video shows chaos. the boy is screaming and people around him are frantic. but there is a calming force in the room that made a horrible situation just a little more bearable. from the lapel camera on this officer running to the scene---you see liesha hederson on the ground in handcuffs--accus ed of stabbing her son in the neck with a screwdriver. once inside---it's pure turmoil. minutes before this camera started rolling--- elijah jackson suffered one of the worst moments of his 8-YEAR OLD LIFE ... "she tried minute thumbnail 06:03 pm killing me. What kind of mother does that? It's the devil. She's the devil." THE CAMERA also catches a plain clothes officer comforting elijah... listen IN... "Grant: You're ok, you're alright. Just relax. Jackson: Will I survive? Grant: Ya: You'll be just fine. Jackson: Help me." THIS OFFICER IS detective jacob grant--who did everything he could to calm the hysticeral and suffering CHILD. "Grant: You're a strong guy, right? Jackson: I'm trying to. I've got a hole in my neck. i can't be strong." "I just got down and applied pressure to the neck attempted to keep him calm in order to prevent him from further bleeding and going into shock." detective grant says his training in the military and his time in iraq prepared him for moments like this .... moments where a calming voice during a traumatic experience can make all the difference... momenst he says happens frequently at apd. "there's officers out there everyday saving lives and trying minute thumbnail 06:04 pm to do the best for the community" some good news out of this horrible situation...elijah did recover from those stab wounds. his mother--leisha h