Apple Unveils iOS 5 at WWDC 2011

Financial News Network
June 09, 2011 AT 12:03 AM
Today at San Francisco's Moscone Center, Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) took the wraps off of iOS5, their mobile operating system for iPhone and iPad. The new version of iOS will be a major revision of the operation system, with 10 new key features.First up was a completely revamped version of their notifications system, which is system wide across any apps that support notifications. Notifications can now be easily viewed from from the lock screen.The next iOS5 feature is Newstand, which will let users easily subscribe to and download their favorite magazines, and will all be available in one location, rather than in separate apps.Next up was Twitter. The incredibly popular social networking service will now be directly integrated with iOS5, allowing users to tweet directly from most every built in application.Several new features were demoed for the Safari browser, including tabbed browsing, a reading list and the ability to view pages in full screen mode with only the main content of the article being displayed.Next was the new reminders feature, which will let iOS users create list of tasks and be able to be reminded about them across multiple devices.Several new updates are also being made to the built in Camera app, such as the ability to snap photos directly from the lock screen, as well as new editing features.The built in Mail client is also seeing several updates as well, including a new dictionary feature and a split keyboard to make composing messages easier.In iOS 5, users will now be able to set up and update their devices without needing to activate them by connecting them to a PC. All future updates to iOS will be done over-the-air, and will only update what is being changed, rather than downloading the entire operating system each time an update is issued. iOS users will also being able to sync their iTunes songs without a cable as well.GameCenter, the iOS social gaming platform, is also getting a large overhaul as well.Lastly, Apple unveiled iMessages, a brand new iOS messaging service that will work across all iOS devices, very similar to Research in Motion's (NASDAQ:RIMM) BBIM service.The new version of iOS will be available this fall.