Rush Limbaugh: Romney had a great night

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On his radio show this afternoon, Rush Limbaugh said that he enjoyed last night's Republican presidential debate, praising everyone's performance including Mitt Romney.

"Even in the weak moments, I thought Romney had a great night. I think Romney had a great night." Limbaugh said admitting that, "my friends are unhappy with me saying that."

Limbaugh pointed out that Gingrich was weak defending himself on his Freddie Mac background and Romney was dragged through some tough questions on his flip-flops. Bachmann, he said, did a great job for proving Ron Paul was "wearing the tinfoil hat," on his foreign policy views.

Limbaugh concluded that any of the candidates could beat Obama. "We are going to beat this guy, and we are going to have a reasonably good president in the process." he said.

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