Romney's son makes birther joke about Obama

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Matt Romney, son of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, gave Democrats some messaging fodder when he called for President Obama to release his birth certificate and college grades in a joking response to a question about whether Mitt Romney will release his tax returns.

"I heard someone suggest the other day that as soon as President Obama releases his grades and birth certificate," Matt Romney said during a New Hampshire campaign event yesterday, "then maybe he'll do it." One of the other Romney sons, Tagg, immediately interjected, "that was not my Dad who said that."

Obama's campaign seized on the comment today, tweeting that "Mitt Romney's son thinks President Obama should release his birth certificate. Guess he doesn't have one of our mugs?" (Obama released his birth certificate earlier this year, and the Democratic National Committee sells coffee mugs depicting the birth certificate on either side.)

You can see video of Matt Romney's remarks here, at the Concord Patch.

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