Obama fundraises, WH denies 'aggressive' campaign

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President Obama embarked on a flurry of high-dollar campaign fundraisers this week, an activity unusual for him only because his White House spokesman simultaneously denied that Obama was "engaging particularly aggressively" in his reelection bid.

"[B]ecause he does not need to now, he is not engaging particularly aggressively in his reelection campaign," White House Press Secretary Jay Carney told reporters Monday when asked about Obama's interest in the Republican debates. That same day, though, Obama raised over $1.1 million at a fundraiser that reportedly cost $45,000 per ticket.

Today, Obama returned to Chicago for three more fundraisers in a span of six hours -- one public, and two private events. Tickets to the first private event reportedly costs $38,000 per couple, though the second event is a little cheaper, as reported ticket prices can cost as little as $7,500 per person to $20,000 per couple.

He also made an unscheduled stop at his presidential campaign headquarters, but asked reporters not to report the event ahead of time. "I wanted to give you a heads up on this but I would ask that you not report this until we arrive, which is that our first stop, once we get off the helicopter in Chicago, will be to travel to the Obama for America headquarters in downtown Chicago," Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest said during the flight to Chicago this afternoon. "It would be an opportunity for him to say hello and thank the people in Chicago who are working hard on his reelection campaign."

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