#Cainwreck Continues

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Former Republican Presidential candidate Herman Cain will have a difficult time in the future getting anyone to take him seriously as a politician after appearing at a rally today with Stephen Colbert at the College of Charleston - and not because he appeared at a rally with the fake newscaster. Cain will likely become the laughing stock of America for helping Colbert make a mockery of the GOP primary in South Carolina.

Colbert, who can't get on the ballot in South Carolina, asked students at the rally to vote for him in tomorrow’s primary by voting for Herman Cain, who couldn't get his name off the ballot.

“I believe that what Stephen Colbert has done by attaching his name to my image, I’m not offended by that,” Cain said. “Because as I said during one of the debates, America needs to learn how to lighten up.”

Cain spent several minutes talking about serious issues, including the national debt, the state of the economy and entitlement reform. But the bulk of his remarks were spent attacking the media and talking about Colbert’s presidential campaign.

“Last night I did my unconventional endorsement, and even after I warned the media that they wouldn’t like it, they still got a little testy,” he said. “ I told them that the people would like it, because I endorsed We The People.”

It wouldn’t have been a #cainwreck, if Cain didn’t bring up Pokémon. Yes, Cain was the first one to bring up Pokémon. Cain may have been responding to a student’s request when he later recited the lyrics from “I Believe” AKA the song at the end of Pokémon 2000, but he sure was prepared for the minute-long “off-the-cuff” recital.

Then, not to be out done by Colbert’ performance of “This Little Light of Mine” at the beginning of the rally, he sang a cover of Diana Ross’ “Believe in Yourself.”

Cain said he knew some people in the media would criticize him because he “has a sense of humor” and appears at events like Colbert’s rally.

“I wasn’t trying to please those people,” Cain said, “because even though I am no longer officially seeking the position of president, I am still on a mission to take back our country, and we can’t do it without your help.”

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