Most Americans believe Obamacare unconstitutional

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The majority of Americans, 54 percent, believe that the United States Supreme Court should find Obamacare's individual mandate unconstitutional, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation's latest tracking poll. Other key findings include:

  • By a 2-to-one margin (67 percent to 30 percent) Americans have an unfavorable Obamacare's individual mandate.
  • Most Americans, 55 percent, believe some parts of the law will be implemented even if the Supreme Court finds the individual mandate unconstitutional.
  • A plurality of Americans, 44 percent, have an unfavorable opinion of Obamacare. Only 37 percent view it favorably.
  • A plurality of Americans, 44 percent, believe President Obama and Mitt Romney have different viewed on health care. Only 29 percent think they have similar views.
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