Newt goes negative using Huckabee

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Using a chunk of an old attack ad from Mike Huckabee's 2008 campaign, Newt Gingrich releases a new ad today suggesting Mitt Romney mislead the audience in last night's debate.

"If a man's dishonest to get a job, he'll be dishonest on the job," says Governor Huckabee, before the ad highlights Romney's "misleading" debate claims.

This isn't the first time Republican candidates have used Huckabee to strengthen the weight of their campaign ads.

Prior to the South Carolina primary, Romney released an ad in South Carolina that borrowed words from Huckabee's radio show in defense of Mitt Romney's record at Bain Capital.

After the Romney ad aired, Huckabee released a statement to clarify his postion.

"Any attempt by anyone to imply an endorsement of a candidate or opposition to a candidate is not true." he wrote.



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