Romney, Bain employees help Pawlenty pay off debt

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When Tim Pawlently dropped out of the presidential race he reported $435,542.53 in debt in the third quarter, largely due to his expensive attempt to compete with Michele Bachmann in the Iowa Straw poll.

On September 12 however, Pawlenty endorsed Mitt Romney. He subsequently raised over $338,000 for his suspended presidential campaign in the fourth quarter.

Pawlenty's FEC report shows healthy donations from familiar Romney donors -- employees of Bain Capital ($2500), Bain and Company ($2500), Goldman Sachs and Company ($12,500), Goldman Sachs Group ($2500) and Marriott ($5000).

Pawlenty also received $3,750 from employees of Romney for President and $2500 from employees of Romney Ventures, a real estate company owned by his Romney's son Josh.


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