Campaign Roundup: Romney up big in FL exit polls

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Drudge: Exit Polls show 46% Romney 32% Gingrich 12% Santorum 7% Paul... developing. . . .

Mitt Romney:


Romney, Bain employees help Pawlenty pay off debt


Floridians buy Romney's business background


As voters in Florida go to polls, Mitt Romney tells Newt Gingrich not to ‘whine’


Much unsaid as Mitt Romney cites his tie to Mexico



Newt Gingrich:


Gingrich raises $5 million in January


Gingrich: Romney sold religious freedom for $5/day


Of course industry-funded Newt backed ObamaCare


Gingrich to Santorum: Get lost


‘Everyone step on his toes!’ Gingrich security harasses Ron Paul supporter


Gingrich denies knowledge of 'kosher' robocall


Experts say Gingrich moon base dreams not lunacy


Newt Gingrich Sued for Having 'Eye of the Tiger' at Rallys



Rick Santorum:


Santorum gunning for Gingrich in new ad


On to Colorado, Santorum renews attack on heathcare overhaul


Did Limbaugh endorse Santorum?


Santorum Raises $4.2 Million in January


Santorum Sweater Vests Made In MN, Manufacturer Says


Ron Paul:


Ron Paul campaign wants apology for supporter getting stepped on by Gingrich staffers


Rand Paul: Ron Paul Needs a Win


Ron Paul: Stop taxing tips

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