Solid jobs report a boost to Obama

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There were 243,000 jobs added in January by the U.S. economy, exceeding expectations, and the unemployment rate fell to 8.3 percent.

That's the lowest rate since February 2009, President Obama's first full month in office.

This was a unequivocally strong jobs report and we've now had two consecutive months of 200,000+ jobs created. If Obama can at least show things are improving in the economy, it will make it a lot harder for Republicans to run against him. Saying that the economy isn't recovering as fast as it should be is a much weaker argument than running against an incumbent when people feel there's simply no light at the end of  the tunnel.

The big question remains whether it can be repeated consistently between now and the fall, or the economy will suffer set backs, as it has several times when it looked as though it was turning a corner.


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