Navy to lose aircraft carrier under Obama budget

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President Obama's budget includes a plan to add a nuclear attack submarine to the U.S. Navy fleet, but the Navy will also lose an aircract carrier under current plans.


 "The service will retire one aircraft carrier, six frigates and four cruisers," the American Forces Press Service reported today, after noting that "the Navy will gain a nuclear attack submarine, a transport dock, a dry-cargo ammunition ship, a littoral combat ship, two joint high-speed vessels and one mobile landing platform."

The Navy is also delaying purchases of new joint strike fighters, and postponing the development of a new nuclear-powered submarine. "The Ohio-class subs will begin to reach the end of their service life in 2027, according to Navy officials,"
 AFPS explained. "A two-year delay in developing the multibillion-dollar replacement, which will form part of the nation's nuclear triad, represents an "acceptable risk," officials said."


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