Poll: 63% say cut federal pay to save economy

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Americans have no patience for whining from federal workers about President Obama’s pay freeze, with 63 percent in a new poll calling for federal salary cuts to help save the economy.

“Cut!” says pollster Scott Rasmussen in a new poll he’s posting later today. Some 63 percent of likely voters, he said, “believe cutting the federal payroll is better for the economy.” Just 18 percent think giving workers a modest raise is a better idea, but 19 percent say they aren’t sure.

In his new budget, Obama has proposed a tiny 0.5 percent pay increase which would come after a pay freeze that lasted two years.

The new poll also provides a warning to federal workers that they better pray Obama wins reelection: 80 percent of Republicans support federal pay cuts while just 43 percent of Democrats do.

The poll is the latest to detail the anger Americans have with the federal government. In a previous Rasmussen poll, 66 percent said private-sector employees work harder than federal workers, 54 percent believe the feds make more than they do and 66 percent believe federal workers have better job security.