State Dept. promotes anti-fracking film abroad

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The fact challenged anti-fracking film "Gasland" has been selected by the State Department for promotion overseas as part of the American Film Showcase.

According to the release, the showcase of films is part of Secretary Hillary Clinton's, “smart power diplomacy,” which uses film, "to bring people together and foster greater understanding."

As Mark Hemingway wrote for the Examiner last year, the film is "nothing but hot air."

According to Gasland, fracking pollutes groundwater with terrible consequences. But there's no credible evidence that this is happening. None.

Oil and natural gas engineers have used this process more than a million times in this country to harvest otherwise unreachable oil and natural gas deposits. A thorough EPA study has concluded fracking is safe.

And the head of the Environmental Protection Agency's Drinking Water Protection Division told Congress last year that there's not a single documented instance of fracking polluting groundwater.

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