Campaign Roundup: Tonight's Ash Wednesday debate

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Rick Santorum:


National Poll: Santorum 35, Romney 26, Gingrich 14, Paul 11


CNN: Will presidential candidates wear ashes at Wednesday debate?


Santorum campaigns with ashes on his head


Team Santorum: U.S. is with Rick on devil belief


Rush Limbaugh: Rick Santorum gave good answer on Satan


Will a Santorum nomination open Soros' wallet?


Has Rick Santorum always been pro-life?


Santorum 2010: Kennedy's religion speech was a mistake


Santorum camp draws attention to Romney's abortion record


Mitt Romney:


Romney calls for 20 percent cut in marginal taxes


Romney doesn't need Michigan to win


Did Mitt Romney just join Occupy Wall Street?


Romney avoiding reporters on campaign trail


Exclusive Video: Romney supporters take down hundreds of Santorum signs at Michigan event


Newt Gingrich:


Newt Gingrich: Ash Wednesday ‘not a day of obligation,’ giving up sweets for Lent


Watch Newt Gingrich's 30 min energy infomercial


Gingrich taps Rick Perry on campaign trail in Arizona


Ron Paul:


"Party Crasher" Ron Paul gets the New Yorker treatment


Mark Levin: What is Romney promising Ron Paul?


Poll: Ron Paul ties Obama in Virginia



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