Palin email does not prove she wanted a divorce

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Several bloggers are already suggesting that Sarah Palin "wanted a divorce" based on an email, sent to her friend and her husband.

The Associated Press reports:

In a Sept. 26, 2007, email to Kris Perry and her husband Todd, titled "Marital Problems," Palin writes: "So speaking of... If we, er, when we get a divorce, does that quell "conflict of interest" accusations about BP?" Her husband was a former BP employee on the North Slope.

Anyone who has listened to Palin these last four years, has got to take this with a grain of salt.

Palin frequently mocks her critics, taking their arguments to the next level.

By then, tabloid reports had already surfaced that "Sarah and Todd were on the rocks," so the "If we, er, when we get a divorce" line is probably Palin's exasperated reaction to the latest accusation.

Of course only Palin knows for sure, but it appears that Sarah and Todd are still happily married after this email was exchanged.

Update: A reader in the comments section correctly notes that in the email, Palin's aide responds, "VERY funny!" clearly demonstrating that the note is a joke. 



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