It looks like turnout is up in Michigan

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Current turnout in Michigan, just before the last polls in the western Upper Peninsula close, is 140,000, with 11.2% of precincts reporting. That suggests a turnout of roughly 1.2 million voters, many more than the 869,293 who voted in the 2008 Michigan Republican primary. Even if you discount the 10% of today’s Republican primary voters who, according to the exit poll, self-identify as Democrats, this looks like a big boost in turnout for Republicans. That’s contrary to trends in almost every state that has voted so far, with the conspicuous exception of South Carolina, where Newt Gingrich won his big victory over Romney. This suggests something positive about the appeal of the two candidates who, at this writing, are wrangling for the victory in Michigan, Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney.

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