Ron Paul mocks Santorum and Palin for small crowds

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Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, mocked Rick Santorum and Sarah Palin today for drawing smaller crowds than his campaign as he sprints to the Super Tuesday finish.

Paul's campaign announced that 1,300 people attended his town hall in Sandpoint, Idaho, which has a population of 7,400 people. "This contrasts with less-inspiring candidates struggling with diminished interest, including small crowd sizes for Rick Santorum in [the] much larger Coeur d'Alene, which neighbors Spokane," his campaign observed. "The 'leading' competing candidate drew a paltry 600 there on February 15th, and turnout for the Pual town hall event also contrasts with turnout for a previous Sarah Palin book signing in Sandpoint -- her hometown -- that drew about 750."

Over 1100 turned out for another Paul event in Fairbanks, Ala., the campaign said today.


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