Campaign Roundup: ‘We’re Winning’

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Mitt Romney

Polls: Romney gains in Ohio ahead of Super Tuesday vote

Romney: Republicans ‘Care About People’

Romney’s heavyweight introduction

Huckabee: GOP starting to unite behind Romney

Former Bush A.G. Ashcroft backs Romney

New Yorker Cover: Santorum rides on Romney’s car roof

Rick Santorum

Romney has 'about 5 home states,' Santorum says

Santorum on the GOP Race: ‘We’re Winning’


Santorum drawing money from kids' college savings to fund campaign

Santorum likens Obama administration to ‘Drug Dealer’

Protesters interrupt Santorum at Oklahoma events

Rick Santorum: Mitt Romney can't 'close the deal'

Santorum says Obama undermines Israel 'on every front'

Newt Gingrich

Newt Gingrich: Mitt Romney is 'not a very convincing front-runner'

Gingrich challenges Romney to gas prices debate

Newt hints he'll re-fight state races that he lost

Newt Gingrich: Obama’s goal Is ‘$8 or $9 a gallon gas

Ron Paul

Ron Paul touts support of Romney relatives

Ron Paul unimpressed with Limbaugh apology

Ron Paul Supporters Aiming for an Electoral Coup in Vermont

Virginia reminds primary voters – No write-Ins; Romney and Paul are only choices

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