Campaign Roundup: 'This dude is refreshing'

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Mitt Romney

Romney is facing skepticism in Republican South

Mitt Romney's media charm offensive

Why Gail Collins's Crate-Gate Crusade Against Romney Won't Die

Mitt's cash on hand: $7.3 million


Rick Santorum


Santorum: I'm not asking anyone to drop

San Diego QB Philip Rivers endorses Santorum

Santorum Apologizes To Guam

Newt Gingrich

Pro-Newt Gingrich super PAC sticks with Rush Limbaugh

Gingrich staffer calls for him to drop out

The Gingriches dance the night away in Mississippi

Gingrich Makes Gas Station Stop

Ron Paul

Kelly Clarkson on Ron Paul: I was like, ‘This dude is refreshing,’

Ron Paul campaign participating Chicago area St. Patrick’s parades

The Ron Paul Car 2.0

Ron Paul's youth voters stayed home on Super Tuesday

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