On the campaign trail, Obama loved grits too

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Remember when Obama proclaimed his love of grits on the trail? Flash back to early 2008, when he was painted as an elitist out of touch guy from Chicago.

“I’ve been losing weight on this campaign,” he announced in Evansville, Indiana making a stop for some food. “I hope there are some biscuits and grits.”

Obama suffered a similar problem as Romney in the presidential campaign. While the hip urban voters thought he was cool, rural voters were drawn to Hillary Clinton instead. Although members of the media thought he was cool and authentic, the guy from Chicago struggled to relate. (Remember his two minute speech about pie?)

Every politician who is not native to the South employs similar tactics reaching out in whatever way they can to connect with voters personally.

That's why the Obamas still invite country music singers and NASCAR Drivers to the White House, and why during presidential campaigns, candidates stop by NASCAR races even though they have little to do with the sport.

Of course its funnier when Romney does it, because like Sen. John Kerry, he is wealthy guy who lives in Massachusetts.


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