Alexandra Pelosi video mocks white Southerners

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Mediaite spies this video produced by Nancy Pelosi's daughter Alexandra for liberal comedian Bill Maher mocking poor white people in the South.

The video features stereotypical white southern people, painting them as racist, toothless, hicks, clinging to their guns and religion while hating the president. 

Each person interviewed by Pelosi is baited with questions like "Why don't you like the president?" "Is it because he's black?" and "You don't like black people?"

Astounded by their views against Obamacare, a stunned Pelosi exclaims, "A lot of people in Mississippi need health care!" and "You don't care about the economy!"

The video sparks a lot of laughs amongst the wealthy liberal Bill Maher audience, but my guess is that many Southerners will not be pleased.


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