Conservatives fight back against 'poolmageddon'

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I have a column out today in The Washington Examiner's print edition on some new Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines set to go into effect tomorrow. They mandate that all public access pools in the nation must install lifts capable of transferring differently-abled patrons from wheel chairs into the water. Bottom line, this will be a huge payday for Obama's trial lawyer donors:

"The enforcement is going to be by litigation," said Kevin Maher, senior vice president of governmental affairs for the American Hotel & Lodging Association. "A lot of drive-by lawsuits against business by law firms that are set up file to file spurious ADA claims."

These firms "often file lawsuits against every business in the community. A lot of times they are not even looking for businesses to comply with the ADA, they are just looking for a quick cash settlement to go away," Maher explained.

South Carolina GOP Sens. Jim DeMint and Lindsey Graham introduced legislation Monday designed to rescind the guidlines. “This is another one-size-fits-all big government mandate that could have a negative impact on Americans," DeMint tells The Washington Examiner. "It could lead to increased litigation and heavy fines that could force pools to close or raise fees on families. Pools with public access should have the flexibility to work directly with people with disabilities to accommodate their needs.”



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