Campaign Roundup: Santorum leading in Texas and PA

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Mitt Romney:

Megyn Kelly challenges Mitt on health care mandate

Republicans to Romney: Fix your message

Romney says 1 million GOP voters prove his appeal

Democrats hammer Romney for Planned Parenthood comments

Mitt Romney Plans Campaign Swing to Puerto Rico

Romney: Is It ‘Missour-ee’ or ‘Missour-uh’?

Rick Santorum

Santorum Leads in Texas

Santorum Way Ahead in Pennsylvania

Santorum says Puerto Rico must adopt English as official language if it wants statehood

Santorum Adviser Calls Mitt Romney ‘Barack Obama Lite,’ Whacks Him Over Dog On Car

Newt Gingrich

Gingrich plan to block Romney could result in a deal for delegates

REPORT: Billionaire Sheldon Adelson Will Stop Writing Million-Dollar Checks To Support Gingrich

Ron Paul

NBC pulls Ron Paul's last embed

Ron Paul on a brokered convention: I will stay in until we pick the nominee


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