Campaign Roundup: No one understands Newt

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Mitt Romney


Romney 'not plugged in' to March Madness


Romney: 'We're not going to a brokered convention'


Mitt Romney: I do not want to close Planned Parenthood


Illinois spending gap: $2.6 million for Mitt, half-mil for Santorum


Romney: No 'secret deal' with Ron Paul


Rick Santorum:


Santorum says, unlike Obama, ‘I don’t have time to do Final Four’


Rick Santorum, Ron Paul On Track To Get Most Of Iowa's Delegates


Santorum: "One of my opponents recently said that it would take an act of God for me to win this primary. I agree with him."


Mississippi, Alabama Polls Missed Rick Santorum's Support


Rick Santorum Defends Call for Puerto Rico to Adopt English After Delegate Defection


Poll shows Santorum is better off with Gingrich in the race


Newt Gingrich:


Gingrich says two alternative candidates make attacks harder for Romney


Newt Gingrich: “Our political system is so methodically and deliberately stupid.”


Newt Gingrich: “I love life. I love getting up in the morning. I love seeing what the weather is going to be. I love animals.

Gingrich: No One Understands Me

Newt Gingrich Defended Mitt Romney On RomneyCare In 2010


Newt Gingrich Says Illinois Primary ‘Largely Will Be Romney, Santorum’


Ron Paul:


Ron Paul: 'It's About Time' GOP Rivals Moved His Way on Afghanistan


Paul suggests Republican rivals are warmongers


Time: Winning the presidency was never Ron Paul's primary goal


Inside Ron Paul's Secret Guerrilla War On The Republican Party


Paul says he's noncommittal about backing Romney

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