Scarborough blasts neocon Senators for Afghan war

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This morning on MSNBC, Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough criticized the length of the war in Afghanistan and called for the United State to bring the troops home.

Scarborough highlighted the story of Staff Sergeant Robert Bales, who allegedly went on a rampage in Afghanistan, killing 16 Afghan citizens, reminding his audience of the burden being placed on American soldiers.

"The United States is not an occupying power," Scarborough said, "We are not good at occupying a country during times of war for a decade."

Scarborough insisted that the mission in Afghanistan was accomplished and that there were only about "40-50 members of Al-Qaeda" left in Afghanistan.

"Some of these neocon senators have more people working on staffs on Capitol Hill than there are members of Al-Qaeda in all of Afghanistan," he said. "We are betraying our troops, we are betraying their wives and husbands and children's and mothers and fathers that they left home."

"It is the law of diminishing returns we're falling off a steep cliff," he concluded. "We need to bring our troops home."

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