Limbaugh: Mark Halperin was right

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"Halperin has been vindicated," said Rush Limbaugh on his show today reminding listeners about the time TIME's political writer Mark Halperin called President Obama a "male body-part" on MSNBC describing the president's attitude in the debt ceiling negotiations.

Limbaugh highlighted a Washington Post story published Sunday, looking back at Obama's role in the debate.

"It turns out that John Boehner and Eric Cantor had indeed offered $808 million in tax increases.  Obama lied," said Limbaugh. "He just flat-out lied to the American people about the Republicans and their position in the debt negotiations. He flat-out lied."

According to the Post story, Speaker Boehner came up with a plan to generate $800 billion by overhauling the tax code and lowering the tax rates.

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